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Our licensed agents value honesty, collaboration, efficiency and customer service. As a result, we take immense pride in everything we do, and will be there for you every step of the process.

International Realtor
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Captain Perry Thomas

Owner | Broker

Perry Thomas Realty

Perry Thomas initiated his journey in real estate back in April 1990, anchoring his career at Boat Harbour Marina. His early role involved the sale of waterfront lots at The Great Abaco Club, working within the parameters of a development license. Over the course of seven enriching years, he honed his skills and perspective. Driven by an unwavering pursuit of growth, Perry embarked on a transformative path. After his tenure at Boat Harbour Marina, he undertook a BREA course, which culminated in the attainment of his entry license. This marked a significant turning point, bolstering his foundation of knowledge and expertise. In January 2015, Perry achieved a defining milestone by securing his broker license and subsequently opening his own real estate company. This achievement was a testament to his dedication and proficiency, and with a robust quarter-century of experience under his belt, he felt primed to embark on this entrepreneurial venture, armed with the wisdom and insight cultivated through the years. His professional voyage extended beyond traditional real estate boundaries. Perry's roles as a loan officer at Scotiabank and a financial consultant at Colina Insurance bestowed upon him a diversified perspective. Additionally, he spent two years as a real estate agent at the Abaco Club Winding Bay, followed by a four-year tenure as head boat captain at Baker's Bay. These diverse roles enriched his understanding and contributed to his comprehensive skill set. Drawing from this array of life experiences, Perry possesses the acumen to skillfully operate a thriving real estate agency. His journey, marked by continuous learning and unwavering dedication, forms the bedrock of his commitment to delivering exceptional service to clients, buyers, and sellers alike.

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